Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Flower power

      The long border in the front garden is really coming into its own now and is showing its early colours at their finest. Now that that we are well into June and have had some warm damp weather along with warmer evenings the plants have put a sprint on in terms of growth; mind you it has to be said that the weeds have put a sprint on too and they are definitely way out in front in the growing stakes.
      Meanwhile just take a little time to look and marvel, even the thistles are quite smart when they flower and remember if you are coming to West Norfolk wear a flower in your hair.
      Or even your buttonhole.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Strawberry fields forever

      The season of plenty continues to gather momentum and now it is the first of the local strawberries that is catching our attention and adding yet more pleasure to the dining table.
      The two farmers who grow them just tell us to help ourselves and take as many as you want, well it would be rude not to after an invitation like that. We've had the 'how-to' picking lesson; don't touch the strawberry just click through the stalk with your thumbnail and forefinger or middle finger. Touch the fruit and they won't keep as well, they'll be bruised and that's why supermarket strawberries don't keep well.
      So, now you know what do, and how to do it, if you decide to go for a pick-your-own trip to your local strawberry farm.
      Ice cream, fresh cream or clotted cream?
      Well we like them naked as nature intended with nothing added. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Spot the Jack Russell Terrier

      Well, somewhere in there is a Jack Russell Terrier who is stoically refusing to hear or, as is more likely, completely ignoring the dog whistle having heard quite clearly. You stand as much chance of spotting her and marking the spot with an 'x' as you did of winning the £250 jackpot in the 1960's 'Spot-the-Ball' competition using the same technique.
      Going into the orchard to hunt her out is a possibilty but by the time you are at the far side of the orchard Minnow will have stealthily made her way to where you were, and this is how the to-and -fro search goes on until you are apoplectic with rage. Even the rustling of a bag of training treats has no effect so it must be good smell trail for a terrier when you can't even bribe her out.
      Meanwhile Barney stays within sight, just a little to my right, and he's being as good as gold.
      Now that really is an oxymoron and that's up there with 'military intelligence'.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dog days

      Walking along with the two Jack Russell Terriers when a wonderful scent assails our nostrils so it must be strong, mind you it doesn't seem to do anything for the terriers. The scent is coming from some old, traditional wild roses in the hedge. Dog Roses we always called them and they seem to say an 'English Summer's day' is officially here.
      While we pause, admire, sniff and murmur appreciatively the terriers continue on their way. The smell of a rat or rabbit is infinitely preferable to the smell of a rose whether it's a wild rose or not.
      I think we'll stick with the roses.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

You couldn't make it up

      A photograph taken by one of the Two Terriers roaming spies somewhere in England or simply somewhere in Ware. We apologise for the quality of the photograph but you have to be 'in and out' in a 'flash' on 'the job' like this so that you don't 'arouse' any suspicion.
     The Two Terriers always love a little bit of end of the pier and seaside postcard humour and this road's name is up there with the best. You could build an entire Kenneth Horne, Max Miller or Frankie Howerd monologue around this address and the, err, 'ramifications' of 'having it' on your mail.
      We can see it now, 'Beaver House?'
      'That'll be number 69 sir.'
      Anyway, you make your own up, we feel sure you'll be able to manage to 'get something' away. Nudge, nudge.
      'Please yourself.' Naughty.
      Luckily, or unluckily, it isn't in Norwich.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Family planning

      There are a lot of young families tucked away in secluded corners in barns and redundant pigsties. The nests have mostly been hidden away in gloomy corners away from the prying eyes of predators who are hunting for a meal, after all it's a time of plenty for the predators too.
      At the top is a Jenny Wren's nest and it did recently contain a full complement of young but in the last few days they have all flown the nest for a life in the wild. Below is a Blackbird sitting on the family eggs in a nest that has been built on top of an old and empty anti-freeze container, an odd choice but obviously carefully considered.
      These nests are a fine example of sensible building in a dry place so eliminating one problem to rearing their young.

Monday, 22 June 2015

This is the end

      It was June 21st yesterday and that marks the traditional end of our short but very sweet asparagus season. Oh bugger.
      The supermarkets will still be selling 'fresh' asparagus grown somewhere that involves it being brought to us in the hold of a Boeing 747 but the glorious local asparagus is now finished.
      The plants in their long beds will be left to grow into ferns and gather strength for next year. Meanwhile our farmer friend is extending his personal asparagus bed to more than double the area, so three years from now we'll be able to have a really good guzzle on the new crop of 'Purple Passion' from the extended bed.
      Unfortunately the bed might well be longer but the season will not be.