Friday, 1 August 2014

The August one

      Another first day of the month gem from the Beggarstaff Brothers, aka Pride and Nicholson, and they must have had a really mischevious sense of humour.
      Here we are in August and the subject of the woodcut is that old Christmas card favourite or should we say, chestnut; the coach and four with everybody muffled up in warm clothes and hats.
      The nights are drawing in and winter draws on vicar, woolly ones preferably.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Diamond on the wall

      The bright white of the diamond cartouche, or plaque, doesn't really enhance the readability of the letterform announcing 'HP Diamond House 1900' but it's a splendid piece of work nonetheless. The JP in the bottom point of the diamond must be someone's initials just like the HP in the top of the diamond.
      We're still amazed at the variation in the letterform, style and the names incorporated in these little pieces of commemorative art. Hand cut letterforms, whimsical names and sometimes nothing more than a date but somehow they just look right.
      Some new houses are beginning to have similar plaques built in but they look moulded and computerised by comparison; sterile is the word that springs to mind but the Victorian and Edwardian examples have a certain pride built into them. Perhaps because they are not added as an afterthought.
      Diamond House is built with rather splendid bricks too.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dawn's early light

      It's our old friend dawn again and she's being a bit of a tease today, this time she's wearing a flimsy little strand or two of mist, and very attractive she looks too.
      The weather for the last few weeks has been hot and humid, apart from the odd thunderstorm, and this definitely makes very early morning the best part of the day, pleasantly cool and refreshing and an excellent way to enjoy the first cup of tea.
      Even the bird, our local sparrowhawk we think, is getting a little brisk early morning exercise under his belt to work up an appetite for breakfast.
      So there's a storm warning for the small birds if not for us.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Horses tails and summer days

      Finally we have some light but steady rain after the power cut inducing thunderstorm earlier in the week but during the previous ten days we've had some stunning blue skies.
      High, very high up, the jet stream was spreading the ice crystals of the cirrus fibratus into the typical trade mark horses tails and then the clouds were changing in to what look like frown lines just above the tree line. We're not sure which cirrus it is but it's one of them, we think.
       While the jet stream does the work we're just sitting here watching the changes in the sky enjoying a cup of coffee.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Hanging on the gallery wall


      A new linocut in eight colours with the subject being the glowing oilseed rape fields when they are in full flower.
      The acid yellow of the oilseed rape is the dominant colour in late spring and early summer gradually giving way to the golden brown of the wheat and barley, then come the browns of ploughing and harrowing as the farmers start the cycle of crop growing all over again.
      Oilfields is a linocut in printed in eight colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP and measures 300mm x 210mm.
      All of the prints that are featured in 'Hanging on the gallery wall' can be purchased direct from The Two Terriers.
      You can also purchase the limited edition art book Being a Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier.
      To contact us simply email or use the old fashioned field telephone for further communication.
      The photograph at the bottom shows Barney who features in the Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier as Patch '…a rather dangerous and unreliable kind of terrier … an unlovable rogue unless he happens to be yours.' The other half of the Two Terriers, Minnow, is in the garden following the prime directive, she's out ratting in other words.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Siesta practice

      Last weekend the Two Terriers were in Murcia, up in the mountains for the wedding of a very good friend and we gently baked in the 40C+ heat. Obviously we had to up our game for the siesta so we just got ourselves single minded, focussed, and practiced. Every day.
      There's a clue about the practice in the top picture, see if you can find it.

      We loved the wiring on the wall to right of the tapas bar and there is an attention to detail here that we just don't see in England. Is the wiring for electricity or super high speed, fibre optic internet connections? It may look a mess but the internet and mobile telephone signals were excellent, which is more than we can say for the same signals in mountainous West Norfolk and the Fens.
      Mind you the engineer definitely didn't suffer from OCD when he was tidying the wiring.

      If you were bored with the hard work of enjoying the siesta? Well there were, apparently, other distractions available for the discreet and discerning gentleman and lady should they wish to enquire further.
      There was even a coach party visiting so it takes all kinds. 
      Something for the weekend seƱor?
      No, just a beer for me thank you.