Friday, 27 February 2015

Muntjack's leap

      There we were, tanking through the brambles and dead nettle beds in the orchard in pursuit of the two Jack Russells who, in turn, were in hot pursuit of something else. When we caught up with them at the edge of a small but deep dyke, all was revealed. The worn path leading through the grass that the terriers had been following had been made by the passing of Muntjack Deer.
      The deer had worn and eroded the bank where they had jumped over the dyke and scrambled up the opposite side, their hoof prints deep and clearly visible in the soft earth.
      We do occasionally see these small deer, but it is usually only a fleeting glimpse in the undergrowth or a distant view on the other side of a field. They are to be avoided with the terriers when they have young because they have a pair of tusks that a boar would be happy with and they aren't shy of using them either. As a cautionary tale family pets have, apparently, been disembowelled by them.
      All this following trails and hoof prints makes you feel like a real hunter-gatherer.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Quick, get the easel out

     I was making my way back to the car after a pike fishing foray deep into fenland when gradually the sky began to take on a decidedly cinematic and dramatic turn.
      As I have said to the point of boring people to death the seemingly empty and bleak winter landscape of Fenland can be transformed in seconds by the light. The light in this case giving the panorama a distinctly romantic and painterly atmosphere. Caspar David Freidrich anybody?
      That's the cue then, a quick swig of absinthe as a bracer against the cold, set up the easel and paints and get on with it before going home.
      On second thoughts forget the painting, it's home for an IPA.
      Now that's an entirely reasonable compromise.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Cloud ceiling

      Half asleep, bleary-eyed and bouncing off the walls I'm trying to get the kettle on and the Jack Russells out of the back door for their early morning pee. When the back door is opened I'm greeted by dawn with an absolute treat of a sky and very definite cloud ceiling.
      The sun had just clawed its way over the horizon and was a red ball behind the hedge giving the clouds this lovely orange glow. There is no doubt that this splendid sight cheers you up and sets you up for the day.
      Five minutes later the spectacle has gone but the tea, toast and marmalade taste good. Having been forced out of the door for a pee the terriers now want a long walk.
      You'll just have to wait, another cup of tea is called for.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of the rest of the UK

The soapbox. Part 2

      Here comes the second round of the beer mat driven political debate from 'Angry of Herefordshire' otherwise known as Jim Dening.
      This beermat has a topic printed on it that is dear to the heart of the Boss who frequently, surprisingly, has a rant at the news on the television. Come to think of it she must be the only person in the UK who does that.
      Well, maybe not.
      Right Dave, now the debate's over mine's an IPA and the boss will have a gin and tonic but with a slice of lime please. Drinks for the rest of the customers too? Lovely.
      Don't forget to ask for a receipt, we don't want another expenses scandal.

Monday, 23 February 2015

F15, the delicate sound of thunder

      They were roaring around all day making vapour trail arcs and curves in the sky and seemingly playing that children's playground game 'tigs', where you chase your opponent and he becomes 'it' when you touch him. Then he has to chase you.
      Thankfully the F15s from the 48th Fighter Wing don't touch one another as they chase around their playground in the sky unless it's by laser or electronics.
      We love to see them and hear the noise they make as they manoeuvre for advantage over one another, we just wish they'd come a little lower occasionally but they must have their designated high/low envelope to fly in, although it does make taking photographs a little frustrating. 
      You keep practising and we'll keep watching. Fantastic to see.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The lonely road

      Ah, the beauty of Fenland and it's quite busy today, there's a car in the distance. The peace and solitude of this part of West Norfolk is a joy, whether you are shooting, fishing, walking or simply driving.
      The dramatic sky is simply a treat, one of those skies that if it was in a painting people would look at it and say the sky doesn't look like that. One visitor said that they never knew the sky could be so big, it's like being at sea.
      Not a bad description we thought.
      Travellers speed through on their way to central Norfolk or the trendy parts of the North Norfolk coast and never give it a second glance, it's just a waypoint on a journey to somewhere else.
      All we can say is thank goodness.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lettered by hand

      Rose Cottage where the cottage owner has a dark secret, he likes letterforms and type. He told us that he had hand lettered this himself and he just liked the font. Then he sketched it out on the blanked out window that he had painted white. Climbed a ladder and painted the 'Rose Cottage' lettering freehand. Nice work.
      It may not have the longevity of the Victorian and Edwardian stone lettering, in fact it's fading already but full marks we say; the letterform is a little Victorian but it really reminds us of the 1960s.
      He's going to touch the lettering up in the summer too.