Thursday, 28 August 2014

...and so to bed

      Well nearly and very nearly a real nuclear sunset too, but the reds and oranges didn't quite arrive, never mind though it's still quite a spectacular sight.
      This is a great view to have straight out of the front door, a great big West Norfolk sky that is never the same from one minute to the next.
      Just to prove that point here's a couple of skyscapes taken from the rear earlier in the day.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

More village ties

      As we continue our quest to find all the wall ties in the village we have gone all 'heritage tonal' with the colours. 
     It is inevitable that here we have an example of Norfolk Bog Door Blue with oxidation highlights and then below a lead grey with linen white; in our terms NBDB and rust, then a grey and white example.
      No doubt we'll find more examples of the blacksmiths art as we drag the two Jack Russells from tree to lamp post to car wheel on the next walk round the village.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jack Russell ratting team, resting

      The ratting team has had some reinforcements added to its ranks in the form of a .410 side-by-side Antonio Zoli shotgun, and it works a treat too.
      Now, as far as the two Jack Russells are concerned the new addition is just a back-up, a substitute on the bench and on top of that it doesn't even deserve a squad number.
     From the terriers point of view when did a rat ever get away from us? There you are, you can't remember can you, because that is, quite simply, never.
      Try explaining to a Jack Russell what 'belt and braces' means and you'll certainly tire first. In fact you'll end up almost as tired as they look after a walk and bit of ratting.
      Back to sleep terriers.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The lighthouse is a white house?

      It's not in Mobile or Norfolk but it's a strange building in rural Murcia. It sits on top of a small hill, looks like lighthouse but isn't a lighthouse, it being miles from the coast. It's not a water tower either because it doesn't have a storage tank on top.
      Back home in West Norfolk it would be festooned with mobile telephone antenna that provided no signal. Instead it has what look like a couple of television aerials, a navigation warning light, a viewing platform and a pigeon.
      Or is it just a pointless landmark? Who knows?
      Answers on postcard please.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Norfolk neglect

      There's nothing more interesting on a walk with the two Jack Russells than a nose in a derelict, overgrown and long neglected back garden.
      They are a bit of a treasure chest really, who knows what is buried in there under all the ivy and weeds and you could easily be buried too if you got a little bit too inquisitive around that shed and it collapsed. All you'd need to do in there would be sneeze.
      Right time for a rummage for me and a ratting session for the two terriers.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A warm front

      The boss has started work on the annual Two Terriers Chilli Festival and here are three jars of the first batch to come off the production line. The first of the chillies to mature are Medina and along with the first Grenadier cooking apples, are a major ingredient in the much coveted Apple, Cider and Chilli jelly. There's a bottle of Premier Cru cider in there too, just to help things along, you understand.
      With the light coming through the jars they look as if they've got glowing embers in the middle of them and that's they leave your mouth feeling.
      A nice pleasant glow.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hammered and chiselled

      Some Victorian stonemason laboured over this piece of carved lettering. It lives on the lintel above the front door of a house in the village.
      The whimsical name Leafield might have been appropriate once upon a time but now it looks out over a busy road and a small river. The small river is definitely not the River Lea but there are fields opposite with a crop of potatoes growing in one field and next to that a field of sugar beet.
      'Spudfield' and 'Beetfield' don't have quite the same idyllic sound either so Leafield it is then, mind you it is a nice piece of chisel work.
      It definitely cuts it for us.